Safeguarding your works, websites, and online businesses has never been easier

Safeguarding your works, websites, and online businesses has never been easier

Fast, Easy & Secure

i-Vahid provides its customers with a variety of tools to register, protect and monitor their original works and websites, as well as help detect and prevent theft, plagiarism and infringement.

i-Vahid is a user-friendly and affordable solution to the copyright theft of creative work such as original songs, music, lyrics, audiobooks, artwork, designs, photos, logos, books, poems, training course material and websites.

Why You Need Protect My Work

Copyright is an automatic right under US & international law lasting up to 70 years after death but you will have to prove that you are the original author as well as the date of creation. We witness the ownership of your work, making this easy.

Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Amazon, Audible, KDP, iTunes, ACX, Etsy & eBay will often ask for proof of copyright from self-publishers and sellers.

Registration is most effective before releasing into the public domain and on social media, although it should still be registered and protected even if your work has already been published.

Performing arts

Lyrics, music, sound recordings, scripts

Photo & Video

Family, news, wedding photos, portraits, selfies

Visual arts

Architecture, artwork, illustrations, jewelry

Digital content

Applications, databases, software, websites

Literary works

Articles, fiction, non-fiction, poetry

Motion pictures

Animation, movies, video games, videos

Worldwide Copyright Protection


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